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Our first pom came to live with us in 1997. Riva was 7 months old, and her breeder was downsizing and we decided a pom would be a nice addition to our family.
After that, well everyone knows - you can't just own one pom.

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This is our Annie. Ch Pondside Wings of an Angel. She acquired her name from her birth. She was the product of a c-section, and the vet technician was "swinging" her to clear the mucous from her throat and chest. The technician lost her grip on the puppy, and she flew across the room - I exited the room in tears, but then heard a little "splash" - and much to my joy, she had landed in the sink of water on the other side of the room. Revived very quickly after that! Hence her name "angel".

Hours: Please feel free to contact us anytime. We will try to answer any questions you may have about living with poms.

How To Order

We do breeding on a very small scale, most puppies are kept to be evaluated and if possible we show them. If not - many are kept as pets, it is difficult to part with them.

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